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  • Switchboard: 876 978-9161
  • Studio Line: 876 978-7388

Rosamond 'Roz' Kirkland is the original 'essence of Kool' who was instrumental is setting up KOOL FM in 2001. After a brief hiatus, she is back where she belongs, giving us Kool Meditations, Sundays 6am - 10am and Power Thoughts weekdays at 7am, 1pm and 5:30pm.

Q. What is your Birth Sign?
A. Aries

Q. What is your favourite colour?
A. Purple sometimes; yellow other times; lavender most times. 

Q. What is your favourite food?
A. Deep fried chicken, a good hamburger and most things that are generally not good for me. 

Q. How did you decide to become a producer, presenter and DJ?
A. It was never a decision - call it divine destiny or synchronicity, whatever you will. I was looking for a job - any job - after high school and radio was the one that found me.   

Q. What do you like best about this Industry?
A.  The great people I have connected with along the way.  

Q. Do you have a favourite Genre or Genres of music?
A. I love music - any kind of music.   

Q. What motivates you to do what you do?
A. It's what I was made for.   

Q. How do you prepare for a show, play out or just a normal day in the studio?
A. Preparation is key to doing a good show. Pre selecting music and doing the research is a thoughtful way of showing respect for the listener and I have the greatest respect for the listeners. So I pay special attention to everything I play, how I play it so it’s always a fulfilling experience for those who tune in. Same thing goes for outside broadcasts, interviews and whatever else is required.  

Q. Outside off being a DJ, producer and presenter what else do you find interesting?
A. Life